Development Info

The android program, and related tools, are released under the GPL.


The android source is availbale in the main source archive in the files section. The android source is located in the palmve/src/android folder. There's a Makefile there which you can use - but you can also just use ant or eclipse in the normal way. See the android developer site for more information about that if you're not acquainted with android development yet.

If you do use the makefile, note that it will link a gimp plugin into your ~/.gimp area. This plugin handles converting icon source art into individual PNG files. It's a bit rude for it to do this, and so you've been warned.

Currently the code requires API level 8 to build, though it should run down to API level 3.


The code for the related tools has a long history already, originally being used in a palmpilot program. So, some of it is left a bit wanting.

What's life, though, without a little flavour?

All three utilities build on linux and on windows. System requirements are as follows:


Linux is where I do most of my development. I've tested building the tools on cygwin. I have not tested building the android program except on linux under eclipse and from ant. The project uses autoconf, and most dependencies are detected, so you should be able to run ./configure until it succeeds, installing packages as necesary.

While the source uses autoconf, it does not use automake. It might build okay on anything with a gcc, but I've only tried it on linux and cygwin. Run ./configure and make as usual, note that there is no install make target. The binaries get put into ./bin and the data into ./data/pools and ./data/collections.

To build release versions run - make release=1 - release and debug versions of everything can live in the same tree.

Note that cygwin includes pre-built packages for all the requirements.


Pre-built windows binaries of the tools are available here.

To process a text file pool into a sqlite3 file for PalmVE, run:

pveconv -Ts ./file.txt

This will generate the .sqlite3, including figures and full text search. You may need to set a graphics directory with -g if you aren't using my directory tree so that it can find the PNGs.

If you're trying to go to XML, use -Tx and -Xs to go from XML to PDB. The makefiles in the distribution convert the text into XML and the XML into PDB, thus, it is a two pass process.


LinkLast UpdatedDescription
palmve-1.2.0.tgz Sun Feb 6 2011 Main source archive. Sun Feb 6 2011 Precompiled pveconv binaries for win32. Sun Feb 6 2011 Raw text-only version of question pools. Sun Feb 6 2011 Technicial class question pool source and data files. Sun Feb 6 2011 General class question pool source and data files. Sun Feb 6 2011 Extra class question pool source and data files.
signatures.tgz Sun Feb 6 2011 MD5 sums and GPG signatures for all files.